About Us


Knowledge Experts for Consulting and Human Resources Development was founded in the Jordanian Capital City of Amman in 2020 by Mr. Maher Salameh – who before that had set up and managed a number of training companies in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, over the last 18 years – based on the vision of the importance of enhancing sector of administrative consultancy and training by implementing the latest developments in all business areas, following the highest international quality standards and in line with the state-of-the-art methods in relation to practical application and reliable information in cooperation with elite experts in the field of training and consultancy of different disciplines and nationalities.


Our Vision:

Make our mark in all Arab institutions and competing with major training and management consulting companies. 

Our Mission:

Participate in making knowledge an essential part to all people in the Arab society to effect change at both levels of manpower and institutional, through pioneer and outstanding training programs and consultancy, benefiting from global expertise and knowledge in such field.

Our Goals:

We seek at developing the concepts of training and consultancy and broaden their dimensions as per requirements and future expectations to form multidisciplinary professional resources.  Accordingly, the goals consistent with such parameters would be as follows:

  • Offer various, integral, and custom-made training and consultancy solutions to individuals and institutions to meet all their needs.
  • Ensure that our mission is realized in line with quality standards and integral elite professional criteria.
  • Care for trainees, protect their interests, and achieve effective development of their performance.
  • Provide quality and creative training programs consistent with excellence of high visions.
  • Deliver knowledge related information, in theory and in practice, within effective training mechanisms.
  • Continuous upgrading of tools and methods to ensure achieving the goals and implement latest technical and technological methods.

Our Values:

  • Consider and maintain quality.
  • Cooperate with international organizations and qualified and experienced instructors and consultants.
  • Provide high level services up to the participants’ standards.